New campaign mapping gender-neutral loos!

“We all lose when transphobia is allowed to foment” says Cara English at Gendered Intelligence's Conference.

This month, Bootcamp 13 graduate Cara English spoke at Gendered Intelligence’s Transforming Spaces Conference about her campaign Open Lavs, a site that maps out where you can find gender-neutral loos! She described her project as “going hand-in-hand with the rise of fascism across Europe, where people are policed in needlessly gendered spaces.”

“Open Lavs won’t be a map alone,” Cara says. “It’s going to be a springboard for a campaigning tool for more unisex toilets across the board. Best practice will be highlighted and championed, we’ll have some great social media content including videos/interviews with trans and non-binary people on why it’s important.”

Listings span as far south as Brighton and as far north as Glasgow. They let trans and non-binary folk know not only where they can feel safe, but also where their custom is welcome. If you’d like to submit a loo for review, head to the Open Lavs website and let Cara know!

Submit a loo for review here! 

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