Graduate Story:

Jake Woodier

Jake is an activist from Brighton who has been involved in a range of campaigns, from housing and renters rights activism to campaigning for Palestinian solidarity.

Prior to arriving at Bootcamp I had been extremely active in campaigning for almost a decade. Examples of campaigns I have been involved include ACORN tenant’s union, the fight for free education and resistance to the tripling of fees, anti-austerity campaigning, anti-militarism, Palestinian solidarity, Food Not Bombs, climate justice, and electoral reform… to name a few.

I guess I am extremely passionate about a huge variety of issues, and ensure that I get stuck in when I see injustice!

One of the most important lessons I learnt from Bootcamp was to believe in myself more than I previously did. It helped me to understand my relationship with campaigning, and to cherish the experiences and story I have to offer. The session I found most useful looked at the type of campaigner I am and how the organisations and groups I am active in work. This really helped me to visualise the way in which others campaign, as well as how to think about allies and opponents.

Recently I have been developing and settling in to a new role with Make Votes Matter, campaigning for Proportional Representation in the House of Commons. So far, one of my highlights has been playing an influential role in the development and organisation of a national day of action on the 30th June which saw the largest mobilisation for Proportional Representation in living memory. I have also continued working with ACORN Brighton, the tenant’s union and anti-poverty organising group. We recently held an AGM in which I was elected to be the Brighton branch secretary, giving me an opportunity to continue fighting for a change in the broken housing system and empowering working class renters across the city.

I recently became an organiser with the UK Youth Climate Coalition. I am very much looking forward to organising within the UK Gas working group, fighting against the expansion of the gas industry in the UK and beyond, and putting across a coherent, youth-centred voice for global climate justice.

Since leaving Bootcamp, I have been applying skills I learned by approaching all elements of my campaigning in the most strategic way possible! Meeting a variety of activists and hearing their stories has definitely helped me to keep the bigger picture in mind. Further to this, I have been trying to keep self-care in mind by keeping a healthy balance between the amount of work I undertake, and the amount of fun, social activities I get up to, so that I can thrive as a campaigner!

You can read a little more about the work I have been up to, particularly the national day of action organised by Make Votes Matter, here. Alternatively, the home page of the website can be found here.

Jake Woodier

I have been involved in a wide variety of campaigns over the best part of the last decade, ranging from free education to environmental protection. I am currently focused on community organising with ACORN Brighton, seeking to empower renters across the city and nationwide to tackle the housing crisis and change the rigged housing system for the benefit of all. Other passions of mine are sustainable living, climate and social justice.