Everyday Activism 2018 Roundup

Since 2015, Everyday Activism has provided training for more than 400 people in Yorkshire and supported some really exciting community groups and campaigns.

Amongst the groups being supported through this programme are Hope Rising Action, Community Vitality and Mums United. This month we thought we’d check in with members of the groups and ask them to send us some updates on their campaigning in the past year.

Hope Rising Action, Bradford

What does your group do?
Hope Rising Action were the first group to get support through the Everyday Activism programme in 2017. We campaign for a system that stops punishing and blaming low income and working class communities. We’ve had a busy year with the Everyday Activism trainers including attending Campaign’s Bootcamp Community Conference to meet the rest of the Bootcamp participants.

Tell us about your event at Bradford Women of the World festival?
This year, we ran a panel discussion called the ‘Fight for the Working Class’ where they delivered a statement about how they achieve the group’s goal to changing the system towards equality and justice for all.

How are you achieving the goals of your campaign?

  • Empower Unheard Voices: We train and empower people and young people living in poverty to speak out
  • Speak Truth to Power: We meet Council executives, MPs and councillors. We contribute to Governmental consultations
  • Build Unity: We network with, support, empower and take action with diverse groups across the city
  • Build Awareness of Oppression and Oppressive Policies: We stand against the destruction of our planet. We make sure everyone understands the system and can fight back to make the changes needed

Community Vitality, Bradford

What does your group do?
Community Vitality are a group of local people who want to improve the environment of the Bradford 3 postcode area, BD3. We’ve had enough of overflowing bins – households, streets and clothes banks – takeaway containers flying around the streets, plastic bottles and paper thrown around our parks, untaxed cars, and the dumping of household goods in the streets, alleys and back roads.

How are you achieving the goals of your campaign?
We are working with the residents, the council and others interested in tackling the root cause of these problems. We have handed out flyers to locals detailing what they you can do to support our campaign. Some of our suggestions are where they can dispose of their household items, how to report people dumping rubbish and how to talk to their local councillors to ask them what they are doing to tackle the problem.

Mums United, Sheffield

What does your group do?
Mums United is a new community group, now registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) with an aim to give mums in the Sharrow, Nether Edge and Lansdowne areas of Sheffield an active voice by listening, engaging, empowering them to action. We are the voice of the mothers who have come together connecting with all sectors of the community.

We are one community that wants to work together to eradicate dangers, particularly knife crime, amongst youth. We urge the council to work with us collaboratively to promote social cohesion.

How are you achieving the goals of your campaign?
Mums United have teamed up with #DontBeATool and Sheffield Wednesday Football Club to provide regular football sessions for youth. We’ve also teamed up with SAVTE (Sheffield Association for the Voluntary Teaching in English) providing volunteers coming into the homes of the mothers to teach them conversational English. We’re are also working with Family Voice to take advantage of existing English classes in Sharrow.

In October, we held our first meeting where 150 people showed their commitment and concerns by attending the event to engage with councillors. As a result we created a petition asking for CCTV to be placed in the area as they act as a deterrent and ensure that parents will feel safe.


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