Campaign Bootcamp Air Quality Initiative

Today I’m delighted to announce that we’re joining activists and non-profits across the country who think it’s time that the government tackles the air quality crisis.

Nearly 9,500 die every year in London due to the poor air quality. What has got far less coverage is that the clean air crisis is not just in London; it’s all over the UK. The government now admits that “Nitrogen dioxide emissions from diesel traffic cause 23,500 of the 40,000 premature deaths from air pollution each year”.  

More than 2,100 schools and nurseries across the country have illegal levels of air pollution– harming the development of tens of thousands of children. A staggering 40 million people across the UK live in areas with illegal levels of air pollution.

To launch the Campaign Bootcamp Air Quality Initiative we are teaming up with Client Earth and the British Lung Foundation to provide:

  • Scholarships for local air quality activists from outside London, so they can attend the six-day Campaign Bootcamp residential to help supercharge their efforts to tackle air quality where they live. These scholarships are for people attending our May and July camps. Learn more here.  And check out some of the great air quality campaigners we have had on previous Bootcamps.
  • Local trainings in some of the air quality hotspots around the country. We’ll start in Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. If we see demand from other towns and cities, we’ll do our best to host trainings there too.

If you know anyone campaigning to improve air quality outside London please send them this page and encourage them to spread the word. Thank you!

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