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I spoke to Nonhlanhla, a Bootcamp 10 grad who returned to facilitate for us in May.

I remember the first time I facilitated an event. I had organised with activist group Brick Lane Debates for a while, but for a long time, had been too nervous to volunteer myself. Everyone in the room was confident, intelligent and so articulate. I thought there was no way I could do it like them.

After months of watching and learning from them, I finally put my hand up to take the plunge. The whole room was incredibly supportive, patient and encouraging. Even so, as I moved to the front of the room to get us started, I could feel my knees knocking together.

The event itself is a bit of a blur now, but afterwards, I realised how much I enjoyed it. As a facilitator, I had been able to give back to others what my comrades had given me then – supporting new or marginalised people in the room to make their points, feel confident and be heard. 

Taking that plunge can be tough, but getting the right facilitation training and experience makes all the difference. Workshops and skillshares can be great, but they’re no substitute for facilitating a live space.

That’s why, at Campaign Bootcamp, we offer ex-Bootcampers the chance to come back and experience Bootcamp again, but from the other side. Returning to us as a facilitator is a great learning experience. If you want to practice your facilitation skills in a supportive and familiar environment, Bootcamp facilitation is the training for you.

So if you’ve been on Bootcamp but can’t get enough, come back and join us as a facilitator!

I spoke to Nonhlanhla Makuyana, a Bootcamp 10 grad who returned to facilitate for us in May this year. Here’s what she said…

What was your favourite session as a participant?
My favourite session was the one on Power Mapping. The session helped me to rethink the campaigns I’m working on at the moment, particularly who we are targeting and why. It was great to hear from other campaigners who have spent a lot of time doing power mapping or analysing their campaigns – and thinking about how I can feed their thoughts into my own campaigning.

Why did you decide you wanted to be a facilitator at Campaign Bootcamp?
When I was on Bootcamp 10, my mind was blown by Bootcamp’s engaging and collaborative approach to learning. Before attending Bootcamp, I’d done a lot of teaching and had tried out lots of different ways to teach people, but none were as effective as what I experienced at Bootcamp. So, I decided to facilitate on Bootcamp 12 to help me sharpen my skills as a trainer and a facilitator – and be a part of the magic I experienced last year!

What’s the best thing about facilitating at Campaign Bootcamp?
I’d say the best thing about facilitating at Bootcamp would be meeting lots of amazing people with amazing stories. I left Bootcamp so inspired and with a renewed focus for my campaigns, as well as great new knowledge and other campaigns I want to support and learn about in the future. I also enjoyed the lighter moments of the week – seeing Bootcampers share their various talents on the open mic night on the last evening, and the parts of facilitation which involved me taking part in some acting – very fun!

What’s the most challenging thing about facilitating at Campaign Bootcamp?
Bootcamp is pretty intense and jam-packed, so it can be challenging as a facilitator to keep energy levels at a high and provide the best training experience. But we had plenty of free time and I made sure I had self-care built into my schedule! I had some nice self-care moments whilst taking walks around the grounds (Gilwell Park is on the edge of the beautiful Epping Forest!) and managed to watch a bit of Netflix in bed when I was on a break, too.

Do you have any top tips for our next batch of facilitators?
Pack toothpaste because I forgot! Also, bring a well rested and open mind. Bootcamp can be tiring for a participant or a trainer or facilitator, but you’ll love every moment and learn so much. I’m so glad that I applied and will definitely use what I learned from this experience in my future campaigning, facilitation, and organising.

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