Scholarship Spotlight: Susan Cook Scholarship for Disabled Activists

Campaign Bootcamp are thrilled to partner with a graduate of our first Bootcamp, Susan Cook, and the John Ellerman Foundation to expand and relaunch the Susan Cook Scholarship for Disabled Activists.

“What’s the point having rights if we can’t access them?” my friend asked me at lunch recently. It’s a question that Disabled campaigners often ask.

It’s a simple question that exposes how we campaign for our rights and for changes in the world, but forget about the disabling barriers that are in the way of many of us accessing them.

As a disability campaigner, I’m pleased to see Campaign Bootcamp teaming up with a graduate of our first Bootcamp, Susan Cook, and the John Ellerman Foundation to expand and relaunch the Susan Cook Scholarship for Disabled Activists. This scholarship covers all the fees for the residential training and any accessibility support needed.

A Bootcamp is a six-day residential training open to activists in the UK who want to campaign strategically and with confidence. On it, you’ll tool yourself up to run powerful campaigns and find new co-conspirators while you’re at it!

Applications for our April Bootcamp are now open: Apply now!

Scholarships like this are a critical tool for addressing barriers in the path of Disabled activists. I spend my time discussing and educating people on the experience of being disabled and fighting for progressive movements to prioritise Disabled people’s activism more readily.

Bootcamp understands that being truly accessible is not about a checklist of provisions that we wear as a kitemark of honour, but rather, accessibility means speaking to people about their requirements and responding to them quickly. Our operations team always take the time to talk with Disabled attendees and give them the autonomy to find the solutions to overcoming the barriers that they face.

Below are a few of the amazing Disabled activists who have attended Bootcamp.

I hope you’ll apply for this important scholarship.

Meet Shaun and Lauren

Bootcamp grads and facilitators Shaun and Lauren deep in conversation.

Both Shaun (left) and Lauren are disability campaigners. Shaun campaigns in Glasgow for people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Lauren campaigns for young people with disabilities. Both participated in Bootcamp 7 and later came back to help facilitate Bootcamp 9 last year.

Meet Becca

Bootcamper Becca Bunce comes back to Bootcamp to teach us about storytelling in campaigning. In this photo she is sitting on a chair holding her crutch, while Tamara-Jade and Anna listen to her speak. The Campaign Bootcamp banner is in the background behind her

Becca Bunce, who attended Bootcamp 3, is co-founder of IC Change, which campaigns to get the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention to prevent and combat violence against women. Here she is sharing advice on messaging and media with Bootcamp 10.

If you’re successful in getting a scholarship you’ll get access to the full year long Campaign Bootcamp programme. It starts with a week of intensive training where you’ll develop the tools to run thoughtful campaigns. After the residential is over you’ll be able to attend follow up events and receive community support.

Don’t think you’re eligible for this scholarship? No problem! See our other scholarships

Bootcamp 15 will run from Sunday 21st April – Friday 26th April 2019.
Deadline to apply: 9am GMT on Tuesday 12th February

Apply for Bootcamp 15

To sum up…

  • Deadline to apply: 9am GMT on Tuesday 12th February
  • Bootcamp 15: 21st – 26th April 2019
  • Full and partial scholarships available for grassroots campaigners
  • Email with any questions you may have
Apply now!

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