Scholarship Spotlight: Supporting Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian activists.

We have an exciting scholarship available specifically designed to support civil society in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.

We have an exciting scholarship available specifically designed to support civil society in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The scholarship is designed the give any activists from those countries the skills and confidence to run their own campaigns. 

Our journey to creating this scholarship started in 2015 – when we as a team were frustrated by the backlash against refugees that spread across Europe. Our response to that was to launch a scholarship for refugee, asylum seeking and migrant activists to come on Bootcamp, so that they had the skills and confidence to run the campaigns that they knew needed to happen. But while we’re really proud of that scholarship, we all wanted to do more. As we researched it we concluded that we wanted to do two things:

  • support the amazing grassroots activists from groups like Planet Syria, the White Helmets or the Syria Campaign who are striving to bring an end to the devastating conflict in Syria.
  • to support activists  who are working hard to make the region fairer, safer and greener because a strong civil society is going to be vital to bringing an end to the conflict.

I’m delighted that the Asfari Foundation has agreed to partner with us to help us do both of the those things.

The scholarships is for anyone from Palestine, Syria or Lebanon, either based in the region or based in the UK, who wants to build a safer, fairer and greener society. It will cover travel costs, full fees to attend the 6 day Campaign Bootcamp in May or July this year. Here’s more about the programme:

  • Campaign Bootcamp is a year long long campaign accelerator designed to give you the skills and confidence to run more effective campaigns.
  • If you’re fired up about creating positive, change and want to learn how to be an effective campaigner, then Campaign Bootcamp is for you. It is a year long training programme designed to give you the skills, community and confidence you need to run powerful campaigns.
  • The programme starts with a week-long residential training, which is followed by a year of mentoring, further training and community support.
  • You’ll leave the course with a network of campaigners and trainers that you can tap into to supercharge your campaigns.
  • The Bootcamp syllabus covers the core skills you need to be an effective modern campaigner, including strategy, tactics, coding, fundraising, building websites, using social media and managing your mental health while campaigning.

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