Scholarship Spotlight: Trust For London Scholarship

The Trust for London Scholarship for those tackling inequality and poverty in London.

I love the Trust for London scholarship we have here at Campaign Bootcamp. What’s great about the scholarship is the broadness of what it can cover. Trust for London are committed to tackling inequality and poverty in London and want to fund Bootcampers who align with these values.

With tragedies such as the Grenfell Tower fire and the Finsbury Park mosque terror attack happening in such a short space of time in the capital, we desperately need to see political change in London, and Campaign Bootcamp want to support activists fighting for that change.

We understand ‘tackling inequality and poverty’ to include any of the following campaign issues:

  • Austerity / cuts to public services
  • Health / NHS
  • Housing / homelessness
  • Child poverty
  • Police brutality and state violence
  • Education
  • Caring
  • Cleaner air
  • Social inequality, including gender rights, LGBTQ rights, race equality, anti-islamophobia and more
  • Domestic violence

If you’re a grassroots campaigner the scholarships can cover the full fee of coming on Bootcamp (£3500) and if you work at an NGO there are partial scholarships available to cover some of the costs of coming.

If you’re successful in getting a scholarship, you’ll get access to the full year-long Campaign Bootcamp programme. It starts with a week of thoughtful and confidence-building training with 34 other enthusiastic activists. The topics we cover include planning a campaign, working with the media, fundraising, choosing your tactics, building websites, coding and much more! After the residential is over you’ll get a year of follow up support, including mentoring and extra events.

Hear from previous Trust for London Scholarship grantee, Jason:

Campaign Bootcamp is developing the next generation of campaigners to take up the baton and run with it.

Since completing the training, I have literally thrown myself into the deep end. I met up with the legend that is John Hacan who shared some critical ideas with me. I spoke with Huw Jordan from NEF who has put me in touch with a network of people who are interested in social, economical, environmental and political campaigns.

I am now helping out on two different community organising programmes, one with Krissie Nicolson from MRCF in Ladbroke Grove and Lee Baker from PeoplePower in Brixton. I also have a wonderful mentor Atlanta Cook to give me a push in the right direction.

Campaign Bootcamp has given me to tools to really plan an effective action. From defining the specific change I want to see to planning how I will achieve my aim. Using SMART objectives and having an overarching purpose that informs my work. From building campaign trees to writing that all important email, Bootcamp has it all, even a lovely red t-shirt.

A whole new world has opened up before my eyes, and I am really spending the time to learn from these new campaigning experiences. 

To find out more, and apply just go to


  • Full and partial scholarships available for grassroots campaigners
  • Email with any questions you may have

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