Graduate Story:

Dalia Omer

Dalia found out about Bootcamp through her work at the Refugee and Migrant Centre in Wolverhampton, where she volunteers with refugees, migrants and asylum-seekers.

I found out about Bootcamp through my work at the Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) in Wolverhampton. I work as a Caseworker Health Volunteer and my manager found out about Bootcamp and encouraged me to apply as I was interested in campaigning.

I’m an asylum seeker myself and am waiting for a decision from Home Office. I’m from Sudan and my first language is Arabic. Through my work, I am assisting and providing support to asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Black Country.

I learned many things about campaigning, and most enjoyed the sessions on strategy, fundraising and designing new websites. I am inspired and encouraged by my participation on Bootcamp and have applied what I’ve learned in my work. I enjoyed meeting people from different organisations and backgrounds. Bootcamp is about organising and managing a campaign for people regardless of race, age, sex or colour and this assisted me in working to improve services for my clients and assisting my clients in integrating into their new communities in the UK.

I am still working as a volunteer with RMC, moreover, I am working now as “Community Outreach Support Volunteer” for Resettlement Project for Syrian Refugees in Walsall. I learned a lot from Bootcamp and I want to plan and set up my own campaign in the future after I have been granted refugee status in UK.

You can read more about Dalia’s work here:

Dalia Omer

I am a Health Volunteer working at Refugee and Migrant Centre (RMC) in Wolverhampton. I have over eight years of experience with International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs) in my home country Sudan. I have a passion to support and work with vulnerable people from all over the world.