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Nico Amador and Erika Thorne  two amazing trainers from 'Training for Change' will be visiting London and offering a 10­ day training for trainers made of two powerful workshops.

I’m REALLY excited to announce that In April 2016 Nico Amador and Erika Thorne  two amazing trainers from ‘Training for Change’ will be visiting London and offering a 10­ day training for trainers made of two powerful workshops.

‘Training For Change’, are a group based in the USA who for over 20 years have been training those working for social change. They have led hundreds of workshops and trained thousands of people all over the world. They use an approach called direct education which is all about empowering the group and creating learning spaces where it’s ok to take risks. You can find out loads more about that here.

Two years ago I went on a Training for Change training that changed the way I train, (and my life!) forever. Today the approach and methodology we use to run Campaign Bootcamp is based off what I learnt there. We aim to create a space where learning can happen whoever you are and whatever background you come from. We’re pretty confident it works and that our training is better because of it.  

If you don’t believe me check out what some of these Bootcampers said after the last Bootcamp.:

I’ve been working with two other activist training groups Turning The Tide, and Peace News to make this training happen and we’re all really excited to have the chance to bring these incredible trainers over to the UK.

So if this seems like your thing and you’re excited to revolutionise the way training happens in your organisation or workplace then read on for all the details and how you can apply.

The Trainings

Training for Social Action Trainers (TSAT) 15-­17 April

The three­ day ‘Training for Social Action Trainers’ is an intensive training designed for anyone wanting to take their skills to a new level and learn how training can be used more effectively. As a participant, you will gain greater awareness about yourself and your strengths as a facilitator; get a chance to take risks, experiment and refine skills in a safe and supportive environment; learn new tools that are easily adapted, principles of workshop design, skills for working with diversity and a better understanding of how to use experiential education methods effectively.

Advanced Training of Trainers (ADTOT) 19­-24 April 2016

The six ­day ‘Advanced Training of Trainers’ involves tackling some of training’s biggest challenges – including doing cross­-cultural work, handling conflict and strong emotions, and modifying workshop designs on the fly (which TfC calls ‘emergent design’). This training is only open to people who have already taken the Training for Social Action Trainers workshop. As a participant, you will receive in depth, personal coaching on your goals; prepare for cross-­cultural work, including international training; use more practice time to experiment with new approaches in a supportive setting.

Both workshops begin on the evening of the first day and sessions on all days will continue into the evening.

The cost

For full 10 days (TSAT and ADTOT) 

Organisations: £2,000

Individuals and small groups: £250-750.

For TSAT only

Organisations: N/A

Individuals and small groups: £125 -­ £250.

The fees cover the training and all meals during the training. The fees do not cover travel or accommodation. Both trainings will be held in central London.

How do I apply?


There are a limited number of places in these trainings for organisations. People who are employed by a trade union, a campaigning organisation or a public body must apply through their organisation and pay the organisational rate. If an organisation is going to pay for your place, please fill in this form and we will get back to you to discuss your application. Organisational applications are open now and will be done on a rolling basis.

Individuals and small groups

If you wish to apply as an individual or from a small group please fill in this form. The application deadline is 15th Feb and we will get back to everyone who applies this way after that date.

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