The Shami Chakrabarti Scholarship for BME campaigners

I’m Mikayla, Bootcamp 3 graduate and here to talk to you about diversity! Such a wonderful and varied word

I’m Mikayla, Bootcamp 3 graduate and here to talk to you about diversity! Such a wonderful and varied word, so I’ll be more specific; ethnic diversity. Gasp! I know, I have totally gone there, but it’s important. You see, I was not the “typical” Bootcamper. I am not from London, I am not into cats and I am black.

At Bootcamp I had one of the most enlightening experiences in my 23 years – and I want more people like me to experience it and to learn how to use their talents in campaigning.

Thanks to the amazing support of ActionAid, Save the Children, Betterworld and MailChimp – Campaign Bootcamp are able to offer 3 scholarship places for campaigners who are black, asian or of minority ethnicity on the next Bootcamp in June.

So share this amazing news with your friends, or apply yourself!

I now proudly say I am a campaigner; its no longer a scary word (it used to only mean direct action to me). I want us to make this a sector we can all be more proud of. An inclusive sector that is accessible to everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, impairment or disability. This scholarship will take us one step closer to that.

I was a bit skeptical about Bootcamp, so costs being covered helped my decision to say yes. The fact Bootcamp offered this type of scholarship showed me they wanted more people of colour involved in the sector and so I was open to give them a try.

So if you know someone of colour who has the makings of a good activists and campaigner please tell them about this scholarship. Extend the inviting hand and bring them into this wonderful campaigning world we have.

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