Bootcamp 4 so far!

Hurrah Bootcamp 4 is in full swing! We’re having a blast and the Bootcampers are an absolutely wonderful group.

Hurrah Bootcamp 4 is in full swing! We’re having a blast and the Bootcampers are an absolutely wonderful group. People have come from all over the UK – Glasgow, Birmingham, Sheffield and the south – as well as further afield – Kenya, Poland and Taiwan!


The Bootcampers arrived all present and correct and we settled in to a very sunny Debden House. We got to know each other a bit, where we’ve come from to be here and set our learning goals for the week (organisers have them too!).

It was so exciting to hear all the stories of where people have come from – and the different reasons that they’ve come to Bootcamp.


Strategy day! We dived into thinking about theories of change – how does change happen? When have we see it happen? Nim, Anna and Kash led the group through the maze of thinking about the difference between strategy and tactics and how to map out the roadmap to winning a campaign.

We also introduced the scenario DUN DUN DUUUH – in teams the Bootcampers set about creating a strategy from scratch around a fake scenario in which the year is 2017 and the centre-right Regress party are to introduce entry-tests for all non-EU immigrants.


Tech day! Today the Bootcampers have been getting their heads around coding, building a wordpress site and design for action! A huge thank you to Emma-Ashley Liles for her incredible coding training which featured her making a peanut butter sandwich as a robot (you’ll have to ask her!), and to Sarah Tan and Richard for helping as to coach everyone through the steps.

In good Bootcamp tradition everyone was then plunged into the time-pressured scenario where they had to build their own campaign websites to launch!

You can sign up here to join the scenario seed list – tomorrow the teams will be sending out their first campaign emails to a list of nearly 150 REAL PEOPLE who are campaigners and Bootcamp supporters.

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