3 days to raise £2800

The mental health scholarship is in really high demand,  but we only have funding for one person. If we don't raise more money soon we'll have to turn away lots of budding campaigners

I’ve just spent the last three days reading all the applications to Bootcamp – they’re incredible. We’ve never had such a diverse range of applications. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all the tweets, emails and updates you sent to spread the word about Bootcamp – they had a huge effect.

However, we’ve got a problem. The mental health scholarship is in really high demand,  but we only have funding for one person. If we don’t raise more money soon we’ll have to turn away lots of budding campaigners.

Turning away these applicants would be a huge shame. As someone who has first hand experience of how much campaigning is needed around mental health issues, I wish we could bring more of the amazing people who applied, so we can create an even bigger change.

So I wanted to ask you if you’d be able to chip in £5 to fund more mental health campaigners coming to Bootcamp? You can make a secure donation here:

Donate Now!

When I launched the scholarship last monthI never imagined so many people would apply. It’s been really inspiring to read the applications of so many people from across the UK who want to campaign on mental health. They have given me hope for me and my family that things can change.

We launched this scholarship as an experiment and it’s been amazing to see how popular it is. For the next Bootcamp we’ll work hard to find a foundation or company that can pay for it to expand, but that’ll take months. We’ve only got 3 days left to decide who can come. So, we need your help! 

Every penny you can give will go directly towards training a new generation of mental health campaigners. Could you chip in £5 now, to send more mental health campaigners to Bootcamp? You can make a secure donation through PayPal by clicking the button below:

It costs £2800 for one person to go through the year long Bootcamp programme.That includes everything: the venue, food, accommodation, travel, staff time, trainers, follow up, outreach, admin and everything else that goes into making Bootcamp awesome.

Together we’ve done this before. Last year we launched the Susan Cook scholarship for disabled campaigners with a crowdfunder and received enough donations to send 2 more campaigners on bootcamp. It would be amazing if we can do that again!

If you have a few pounds spare it would be so great if you could chip in here:

Thanks so much for all your support!

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