Apply to the Trust for London Scholarship to Bootcamp

Scholarships will be specifically for campaigners working in Greater London on issues that affect Londoners. From unsafe pollution levels to social and economic inequality

Announcing 3 Trust for London Scholarships for campaigners working on London’s issues to take part in our next Bootcamp in June. 

This week I’m really excited to announce that thanks to the generous support of the Trust for London, we’ll be able to offer 3 scholarships to the next Bootcamp in June – these will be part of a larger range of scholarships that we’ll be announcing over the next few weeks.

These scholarships will be specifically for campaigners working in Greater London on issues that affect Londoners. From unsafe pollution levels to social and economic inequality – Londoners face a huge range of specific issues.

We’re looking for applications from people working on any of the issues that Londoners face who want to learn how to campaign effectively.

You can apply to the next Campaign Bootcamp in June here: you need to do to apply for the scholarship is tick the ‘yes’ box on the application form when it asks if you are applying for a scholarship.

Jason Grant is a Bootcamp grad, born and raised in South East London. He came to the last Bootcamp in October as one of the Trust for London scholarship holders, here he tells us a bit about how Bootcamp has given him new energy and motivation to create positive social change:

Campaign Bootcamp has prepared me to run with it!

Politics in the UK is exciting again. Most people have a view as to what is wrong with the country and unfortunately the debate is becoming more polarised. People are looking for meaning and courageous leaders who are willing to make a stand. Campaign Bootcamp is developing the next generation of campaigners to take up the baton and run with it.

Since completing the training in October 2014, I have literally thrown myself into the deep end. I met up with the legend that is John Hacan who shared some critical ideas with me. I spoke with Huw Jordan from NEF who has put me in touch with a network of people who are interested in social, economical, environmental and political campaigns.

I am now helping out on two different community organising programmes, one with Krissie Nicolson from MRCF in Ladbroke Grove and Lee Baker from PeoplePower in Brixton. I also have a wonderful mentor Atlanta Cook to give me a push in the right direction.

A whole new world has opened up before my eyes and I am really spending the time to learn from these new campaigning experiences. The aim is to become a community organiser in South East London and to set up an organisation that helps people to help themselves.

I was born and raised in South East London. I know both sides of the track, whether we are talking about Millwall football club youth gangs, deprivation, drugs and violence; or the more creative side of music, art, media and Goldsmiths.

My personal experience has enabled me to speak with people from different sections of society. This insight gives me a unique view of the world. Most people want the same thing but most of us have forgotten how to work together to make things happen.

Campaign Bootcamp has given me to tools to really plan an effective action. From defining the specific change I want to see to planning how I will achieve my aim. Using SMART objectives and having an overarching purpose that informs my work. From building campaign trees to writing that all important email, Bootcamp has it all, even a lovely red t-shirt.

The time for individualism is coming to its end and more people are waking up to the idea that we all have to work together to create the sort of world we want to live in. I hope to bring my love for South East London along with the ideas from Bootcamp to create a positive community like the one we had in the middle of Epping Forest last October.

Jason Grant

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