Back from Bootcamp 5!

The fifth bootcamp took place in lovely, leafy Yorkshire and once again, an amazing community of campaigners from all walks of life has been formed.

I’m still on a high from our last Campaign Bootcamp residential. The fifth bootcamp took place in lovely, leafy Yorkshire and I am pleased to say that, once again, an amazing community of campaigners from all walks of life has been formed.

On Sunday 18th October, 35 troublemakers came together in Ilkley for an emotional and passionate week of training, peer learning and fun; finding new allies in the struggle along the way.

Check out the new Bootcamp 5 community here:

I often get asked what Bootcamp is all about, and why it’s so great. For me, the cohort itself is what makes bootcamp so special – hearing about and learning from their campaigning and life experiences is such a valuable part of Bootcamp’s experiential training. But what did the bootcampers make of bootcamp? See their thoughts on the week (and smiling faces!) below:


Fatima is a Human Rights student from Bristol who campaigns on women and girl’s rights, particularly around Female Genital Mutilation, with the organisations Youth for Change and FORWARD UK.


“Campaign Bootcamp is a miracle wrapped up in a week which enables you to discover talents/opportunities you never thought you had”


Phyll is a trade unionist and LGBTQ campaigner from south London – she founded UK Black Pride and is a Stonewall trustee.


“What Campaign Bootcamp meant to me:

  • It was powerful
  • It was inspiring
  • It was emotional
  • It validated my own learning
  • It was a safe space for me

*I am a campaigner for equality, freedom & justice*”


Ilesh is relatively new to the world of campaigning; he’s a bit of a techie and works as a Mobilisation Assistant at Save the Children.


“Truly boundary pushing! With incredibly clever people!”


Fran campaigns on climate change. She works at The Climate Coalition and is a keen advocate of community and communal living.


“Challenged all my perceptions”


Raluca campaigns with, a petitioning organisation that aims to fight for social and economic justice, environmental protection and human rights in Romania.


“LIfe-changing, opinion breaking experience”


Zeyn is a social justice campaigner, trade unionist and convenor of Glasgow Young Greens with a passion for migrant rights.


“The most empowering political experience I’ve ever had!”


Rose is a human rights activist and feminist with a passion for grassroots campaigning on honour-based violence, forced marriage and domestic violence. They’re also interested in LGBTQ rights and the interaction between race and religion with gender and sexuality.


“Is a powerful and empowering and life changing process. You will leave with a whole new campaign family.”


Edwin is a grassroots campaigner with an interest in LGBTQI and migrant rights. He’s passionate about equality and campaigns with Out and Proud Diamond Group.


“Everything you need to cause change”


Foyez is a civil engineering graduate with an interest in mental health awareness. He campaigns to combat the stigma about mental health illness.


“It will change your outlook on campaigning and [is] full of so much love!”


And I have so much love for these world-changers! The community grows stronger 🙂


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