Setting too low an age limit on applicants

When we launched Bootcamp we set an age limit of 18-24.

How we fell short: When we launched Bootcamp we set an age limit of 18-24. We did this because in the rush to launch Bootcamp we hadn’t ensured we all agreed what we meant by “a new generation of campaigners”. In the last few days we’ve got lots of feedback that this age limit was going to exclude a lot of people who are just starting out in campaigning. Last night the volunteers organising Bootcamp met to discuss this feedback and we discovered that some of us thought “a new generation of campaigners” meant people under 24, while others thought it meant people who are at the start of their campaigning career. We’ve now agreed that our age limit of 18-24 was going to exclude too many people. So we’ve decided to remove the age limit entirely. There is now no age limit.

Steps we have taken to improve: We have set up this page to push us to be totally open about our mistakes.

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