Join us for 3.5 days in November 2021, or 6 afternoons in January 2022, to learn the basics of our hands-on, learner-centred, inclusive approach to training.

We’re back with our latest offering within the UNPACKED training for trainers series – a beginners level course designed to introduce social action trainers to the Bootcamp style of training.

What will we do?

Beginners UNPACKED provides a grounding in our experiential training methodology. Our approach is based on Training For Change’s Direct Education, a method that values the wisdom and experience of participants to create trainings that are empowering and tackle injustice.

Throughout the course you will:

  • Learn about our approach to training and the value behind it.
  • Gain awareness of yourself, your identity as a trainer, and your training style.
  • Use tools and techniques that can be easily adapted for your own training.
  • Have a chance to take risks and try new things in a supported environment.
  • Help grow a community of UK social action trainers.

The Beginners UNPACKED training is aimed at people who deliver training within social action, campaigning, or movement spaces. You may not identify with the title of ‘trainer’ and that’s okay! You might be an activist who wants to start delivering more training as part of your activism or someone who has taken on the trainer/facilitator role within their campaigning who wants to develop these skills.

Applications for both courses are open now! The deadline to apply is at midnight on Wednesday 29th September 2021.

To apply, complete this form

UNPACKED is a programme offering different levels of training courses. In 2020 we successfully piloted our first run of the Advanced UNPACKED training for social change trainers. You can read about this year-long programme here: UNPACKED: Training for social change trainers.  We will be launching the advanced year-long course again in Spring 2022.

Questions about Beginners UNPACKED

All of the important stuff you need to know about Beginners UNPACKED

Who’s it for?

The applicants we’re looking for will:

  • Have at least a little bit of training or facilitation experience, and be committed to delivering more training in the future, with a focus on training in social action spaces, OR be an activist who wants to move into training roles as their contribution to campaigning.
  • Have an idea of what you want to learn and where you plan to use your new skills.
  • Be open to trying new things and pushing your comfort zones. This training is not like your usual ‘sit and listen to’ course- expect lots of participation, deep reflection, and action!
  • Have an interest in the Campaign Bootcamp methodology and approach to training. 

When is it?

We’ll be running this course twice in the coming months, in two different formats:

As an intensive course running in November 2021. 

  • Monday 8th Nov, 10am-5pm
  • Tuesday 9th Nov, 10am-1pm
  • Wednesday 10th Nov, 10am-5:30pm
  • Thursday 11th Nov, 10am-1:30pm

As a modular course running over 6 afternoons in January 2022.

  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons in January 2022
  • Tues 11th, Thurs 13th, Tues 18th, Thurs 20th, Tues 25th, Thurs 27th
  • All sessions 2-5 pm, except the final session which will run 2-5:30 pm

We understand that a 3.5-day online training can sound daunting. There will be plenty of breaks and chances to do activities away from your computer screen. We have also created the modular option in recognition that an intensive format won’t work for everyone.

How does Beginners UNPACKED approach accessibility?

We aim to make all our training as inclusive and accessible as possible. To read more about the ways we can support you to access this course, click here: Live Distance Learning Accessibility

Some ways we can support you to access this training:

  • We approach accessibility on an individual basis, recognising that we cannot guess any individual’s specific needs. You will have a chance to describe your needs to us in your application form, and we will have conversations with all successful applicants about how we can work to best make the training an engaging and accessible experience.
  • As this is the pilot of the Beginners UNPACKED course, we are not charging participants to attend.
  • Both of these courses will be held online using Zoom and Google slides. We are able to provide tech inductions ahead of time if you don’t feel comfortable with these platforms. Live captions will be available on zoom as default.
  • Due to the interactive nature of the course, participants need to access the training from a laptop or computer rather than a tablet or smartphone. We have some capacity to help with providing access to equipment and internet access.

How do I apply?

Applications for both courses are open now! The deadline to apply is at midnight on Wednesday 29th September 2021.

To apply, complete this form

You will be able to specify whether you want to apply for the intensive course in November, the modular course in January, or have no preference. 

If you have any questions about the course or how to apply, please contact [email protected]

We can also accept applications in other formats and can help you write your application. Drop us an email to find out more.