About Age Activism (group training)

Age Activism is six to 10 week, online immersive campaign training programme for an already formed group of folks over 60 anywhere in the UK.

Whether you have a campaign goal already, or you’re just starting out, this course will support you and your group to gain the tools and skills needed to create real social change in your community and beyond.

What we see

There are numerous barriers facing older people in engaging in campaigning. This means that the needs of older people and the issues that they face are less likely to reach those in power who can make a difference.

We would like to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence of older people, to be part of a campaign on a social issue of your choice – e.g. face to face GP appointments, the lack of NHS dentists, free personal care,  state pension changes, the take up of pension credits, housing, LGBTQ+ rights and liberation, climate change, TV licences, scams and digital inclusion or ageism – we want to support you and your cause. 

Working together, we can turn the things that are problematic into campaigns that make society more fair for everyone.

What will you learn on this course?

  • Learn how to use your life experience to campaign on issues that affect you
  • Learn how to set campaign goals, create a campaign strategy and identify who to target, and how to get heard
  • Develop your skills with technology and grow confident in using digital tools for online campaigns
  • Build relationships and teams within your group to continue the work after the training has finished
  • Learn in an accessible, supportive and friendly environment

To support you, we can:

  • Provide you with internet access, so you can access the course
  • Hire and pay for any equipment you might need to get online
  • Provide you with printed guides to help you feel more comfortable with the software we’ll use

How is the course run?

  • The course is run over at least 6 sessions, each 2.5 hours long
  • The sessions are run weekly on Tuesday mornings from 10am to 12:30pm
  • We hope to begin the sessions in October, and will run through until mid-December 
  • The group will consist of a maximum number of 15 participants
  • The course is designed to be adaptable to the needs of the participants. You will learn how to become more comfortable with the software we use, and how to develop and run campaigns using your life experience. You’ll also meet some fabulous and passionate people who care about campaigning to fight injustice too!

How can I apply?

Let us know you’re interested by filling out this form!

Here is some guidance for your group when filling out the form.

People from underrepresented and marginalised backgrounds (ie working class, BAME, disabled and/or LGBTQ) are especially encouraged to apply.


Any questions?

Please feel free to email Frankie on [email protected] or call on 020 3868 6376.

FAQ's for Age Activism group training

Here are some questions we've been asked about this Age Activism training.

If you have any more queries, drop Frankie an email [email protected] or call 020 3868 6376.

How much do I need to know about computers to access the course?

You’ll need some basic knowledge of how to use a computer or a tablet.

However, we’ll be providing support for your needs, including sending out printed packages of resources.

We will also offer training on how to use all of the tools we use (eg Zoom and Google Slides) if you would find that useful.

If you do have any questions or concerns about this, please get in touch.

Is this training accessible?

We’ve always worked to make our training as accessible as possible. We’ll also be running an accessibility assessment with everyone who is attending before the course starts to adjust to your needs.

If you have any questions about accessibility needs before you apply, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to talk them through with you!

I don’t speak English well, and need support. Do you provide any translation?

Yes, we can do.

Please let us know in advance and we’d be happy to support you.

If I need to buy access equipment for the course, will you cover it?

We will be able to loan equipment that you need to access the course to you.

Please let us know in advance and we’d be happy to support you.

Will you pay for social care support during these sessions?

This is possible. We will have a conversation with you around your access needs and social care support.

Please let us know in advance and we’d be happy to support you.

What kinds of child care provisions will you have?

We have covered childcare before, so that is possible.

What do you mean by an 'already formed group'?

We are looking to work with a group of people who are already working together. Have you run a campaign in your local community before? Whether you meet regularly or wish you met more – this course could provide a wonderful opportunity for team building and providing some strategy to the work you are doing.

In order to get the most out of this training, it is recommended that your group already has campaign idea.