Stand-alone sessions

We run 2-hour sessions using zoom and google slides that are open to the public and/or our alumni. These are promoted on our website, social media, and emailed out to people on our Distance Learning email list. There is not usually an application process for these, you just fill out a google form to book a place. If you need either session information or to apply in a different format or want to discuss the sessions in more detail, you can contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.

If you are attending one of these sessions, we always reach out to attendees to discuss access needs. Things we offer as standard in these sessions include:

  • Live captions and transcripts provided by, and subtitles on any videos we use.
  • Planning activities that are adaptable for people with various tech and access needs.
  • A scheduled break of at least 10 minutes, plus we invite you to take additional breaks whenever you need to. 
  • At the start, we invite everyone to do whatever they need to take part in (e.g. moving about, eat, have someone else present for support, participate non-verbally or verbally, cameras on or off, etc).
  • We can send slides/resources in advance by email, or by post if we have notice.
  • We use content warnings and encourage all participants to be mindful when sharing.

In-depth groups

We run in-depth programmes where we train a group weekly for up to 12 weeks. Participating in one of our in-depth groups is a bigger commitment, and we try to offer additional support to reflect this. This might include:

Application stage 

This stage is only present if we are recruiting for a new group- we also do in-depth training with pre-existing groups which would not have an application stage

  • Information about the course is available online, and also verbally / by post if requested.
  • Support offered to fill in online applications.
  • Options to apply by phone conversation or video. We can also explore other options if there is a better alternative for you.
  • Letting people know if they have been successful as soon as possible, with feedback available upon request.

Before training 

  • We offer 1:1 conversations to discuss your individual needs and how we can meet them. These could include physical, emotional, sensory, educational, technological, or any other sort of need.
  • Tech training for whatever hardware and/or software we will be using.

During training

  • We take time to create a group agreement on how we want to behave in the space and how we can support one another to get the most from the sessions.
  • Live captions and transcripts provided by, and subtitles on any videos we use.
  • Interpreters.
  • Resources are available in multiple formats e.g. hard copies sent by post.
  • Signposting to additional support.

After training

  • Optional debriefs